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Tornado Safety Tips

If a tornado was approaching, would you know what to do? Tornadoes are the most violent atmospheric phenomenon on the planet. Winds of 200-300 mph can occur with the most violent tornadoes. The following are instructions on what to do when a tornado warning has been issued for your area or whenever a tornado threatens.

  • In homes or small buildings, go to the basement (if available) or to an interior room on the lowest floor, such as a closet or bathroom. Wrap yourself in overcoats or blankets to protect yourself from flying debris.

  • In schools, hospitals, factories or shopping centers, go to interior rooms and halls on the lowest floor. Stay away from glass enclosed places or areas with wide-span roofs such as auditoriums and warehouses. Crouch down and cover your head.

  • In high rise buildings, go to interior small rooms or halls. Stay away from exterior walls or glassy areas.

  • In cars or mobile homes, abandon them immediately!! Most deaths occur in cars and mobile homes. If you are in either of those locations, leave them and go to a substantial structure or designated tornado shelter.

  • If no suitable structure is nearby, lie flat in the nearest ditch or depression and use your hands to cover your head.


Lightning Safety Tips

Do you know what to do if you are caught in the open during a thunderstorm or you feel tingling or your hair standing on end? Lightning can strike up to several miles away from the thunderstorm.

When inside:

  • Avoid using the telephone (except for emergencies) or other electrical appliances.

  • Do not take a bath or shower.

If caught outdoors:

  • Go to a safe shelter immediately! such as inside a sturdy building. A pickup truck or hard top automobile with the windows up can also offer fair protection.

  • If you are boating or swimming, get out of the water immediately and move to a safe shelter away from the water!

  • If you are in a wooded area, seek shelter under a thick growth of relatively small trees.

  • If you feel your hair standing on end, squat with your head between your knees. Do not lie flat!

  • Avoid isolated trees or other tall objects, bodies of water, sheds, fences, convertible automobiles, tractors and motorcycles.


Road Safety Tips

When winter storms strike, do not drive unless necessary.

If you must travel, make sure you car is stocked with survival gear like blankets, a shovel, flashlight and extra batteries, extra warm clothing, set of tire chains, battery booster cables, quick energy foods and brightly-colored cloth to use as a distress flag.

Keep your gas tank full to prevent gasoline freeze-up.

If you have a cell phone or two-way radio available for your use, keep the battery charged and keep it with you whenever traveling. If you should become stranded, you will be able to call for help, advising rescuers of your location.

Make sure someone knows your travel plans.


Winterize Your Vehicle

Preparing your vehicle for the winter season now will help ensure your vehicle is in good working order when you need it most.

Have a mechanic check the following items on your vehicle:

  • Battery

  • Wipers and windshield washer fluid

  • Antifreeze

  • Ignition system

  • Thermostat

  • Lights

  • Exhaust system

  • Flashing hazard lights

  • Heater

  • Brakes

  • Defroster

  • Oil level

Install good winter tires. Make sure the tires have adequate tread. All-weather radials are usually adequate for most winter conditions. You may also want to carry a set of tire chains in your vehicle for heavy snow conditions.

Keep a windshield scraper and small broom for ice and snow removal and maintain at least a half tank of gas throughout the winter season.

Finally, plan long trips carefully. Listen to the local media report or call law enforcement agencies for the latest road conditions.


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